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Mission, Goals & Strategies

Rabbi Seth Farber, PhD

Founder & Director
“We are changing Jewish lives, and leading a civic movement that is transforming Israeli society."

ITIM is committed to increasing participation in Jewish life by making Israel’s religious establishment respectful of and responsive to the diverse Jewish needs of the Jewish people.

  • Ensure equal access to State religious services
  • Moderate the State’s extreme interpretations of Jewish law
  • Protect civil rights in matters of State-administered Jewish life
  • Improve government transparency and accountability in matters of Jewish life
  • Bridge the divide between Jewish life in Israel and around the world
  • Work with Israel’s religious establishment to facilitate participation in Jewish life
  • Advocate for pubic policies that strengthen Jewish life, and against those that weaken it
  • Legally challenge State authorities to protect civil rights, promote Jewish pluralism, improve transparency, and ensure equality under the law
  • Offer alternatives to government programs to meet the needs of the broad Jewish public
  • Increase public demand for change on religion-and-State issues

How We Create Change

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