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Your kind staff helped me understand what a burial society is allowed to do and not allowed to do at a funeral. At this difficult time in my life, it was so helpful to have someone to turn to who understands the system and wants to help.
-- Adina, Israel

Every Israeli has a right to a free burial. Yet State burial options and practices are often unclear, procedures carried out by local burial societies inconsistent, and decision-making difficult at such an emotionally charged time. Parents who have lost stillborns or newborns may face the challenge of being excluded from the burial process, despite ITIM’s important public policy work on this issue.

The ITIM Assistance Center can help:

  • Update you on Health Ministry guidelines for burying a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Assist you in transporting a body from abroad for burial in Israel during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Explain burial options
  • Assist with funeral arrangements
  • Act as a mediator between families and local burial societies
  • Explain parental rights regarding the burial of stillborns and newborns
  • Locate the graves of stillborns and newborns
Call from within Israel: *8083

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