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ITIM operates two internship programs: one for North American college students, and one for Israeli college students.

The ITIM-Reiter Family Internship Program is designed for North American college students interested in religion-and-State issues, law, public policy, and/or social activism. It is appropriate for students preparing senior theses. The program consists of:

  • Individualized research projects tailored to interns’ strengths and interests
  • Mentoring from ITIM’s staff attorneys, rabbinical court advocates, case managers, and others
  • Work within ITIM’s core programs: the ITIM Assistance Center, Public Policy Center, Legal Center, and Giyur K’Halacha Conversion Court Network
  • Meetings with Israeli civic and religious leaders, including Knesset Members, governmental officials, attorneys, and rabbis
  • Field trips to the Knesset, government offices, and civil and rabbinic courts to see ITIM’s work in action
  • Text study, Jewish history lectures, and current affairs discussions led by ITIM Founder and Director, Rabbi Seth Farber, PhD, and ITIM staff


  • Gain professional work experience at one of Israel’s leading not-for-profit organizations
  • Learn how Israel regulates and administers matters of Jewish life, including personal religious status, marriage, divorce, conversion, and burial
  • Broaden their understanding of the historic, cultural, and religious diversity of the Jewish people
  • Deepen their connection to Judaism, the Jewish people, and Israel

Eligibility: North American undergraduates with good oral and written Hebrew may apply. Five interns will be selected.

Dates: The Internship Program will take place four days/week, June 22 – July  30, 2021.

Further Information: Matthew Nitzanim,

The ITIM-Shalem College Internship Program is available to Shalem College students. The program consists of two complementary components: academic coursework for which students receive college credit, and a practicum, which gives them hands-on experience improving religion-and-State issues. In the Fall semester, students take Shalem College’s Social Activism course, which includes lectures by ITIM’s Public Policy and Legal Center staff. In the Spring semester, they intern in the ITIM offices once a week, where they undertake research projects, and learn from and are mentored by ITIM staff.

Further Information: Ariel Moav,



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