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Sometimes you find yourself in a situation you don’t know how to handle, to heal, or to make go away. My family and I found ourselves in such a situation when we were investigated by the Interior Ministry. ITIM brought hope and professionalism that were second to none. You were a ray of light in a dark place.
-- Plaintiff in ITIM Supreme Court case against Israel’s Interior Ministry

The ITIM Legal Center takes legal action on religion-and-State issues affecting Jewish life to protect citizens’ civil rights, promote Jewish pluralism, and ensure equal access to State religious services. Its five in-house attorneys file due diligence letters and Freedom of Information Act requests, and, when necessary, litigate cases. The Center has won precedent-setting cases that have required the State to reinstate citizens’ official Jewish status following unwarranted Jewish identity investigations, to officially recognize the Jewish identity of individuals who convert through non-governmental conversion courts, and to allow women to serve in professional positions within the State rabbinical court system.

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