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Thank you for helping us through our marriage process in Israel. Your support and guidance made it so easy for us to navigate what could have been a very complicated system.
-- Sarina & Gaby, USA

In Israel, the State Rabbinate is responsible for marriage registration. The process can be complex and time-consuming. A common obstacle are the Rabbinate’s procedures for certifying individuals’ Jewish identities. Couples from North America, South America, and Western Europe must submit letters from State-recognized rabbis or rabbinical courts vouching for their Jewish identities. Immigrants from the former Soviet Union must have State rabbinical court representatives review their documentation, and appear before rabbinical courts. Other issues, such as conversions or previous divorces, may further complicate the process.

The ITIM Assistance Center can help:

  • Update you on Health Ministry guidelines for holding weddings during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Guide you through the State marriage licensing process
  • Clarify the documentation you need
  • Evaluate your documentation
  • Direct you to State-recognized rabbis and rabbinical courts
  • Assist and represent you before rabbinical courts
  • Streamline and expedite Rabbinate procedures
Call from within Israel: *8083

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