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ITIM Opens Public Policy Center

August 2019. ITIM has established a new Public Policy Center to serve as a government watchdog on matters of Jewish life. The Center, which grew out of the ITIM Advocacy Center, will enable ITIM to deepen its work monitoring State policies and procedures, and reforming State practices that violate civil rights, reject Jewish pluralism, or deny equal access to religious services. The Center’s staff will participate in Knesset hearings, prepare position papers, and work to improve government transparency and accountability.

Ariel Moav, Manager of the Public Policy Center says, “This is an exciting time for ITIM. In the most recent national elections, we helped put religion-and-State issues at the top of the public agenda. Once a government coalition is formed, we will have the opportunity to keep them there, and to insist that they are addressed in the new Knesset.”

Ariel Moav

Public Policy Center Manager

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