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ITIM Presents “Right to Judaism” Lecture Series

ITIM Presents “Right to Judaism” Lecture Series

    November 2019. ITIM and Beit Prat, a Jerusalem hub of Jewish learning, activism, and pluralism, are pleased to present the 2019 “Right to Judaism” Public Lecture Series. Each Monday evening in November, a panel of ITIM staff, social activists, politicians, rabbis, and others will lead thought-provoking discussions on key religion-and-State issues affecting Jewish life in Israel. The series builds on the successful series ITIM initiated in 2018. All lectures (in Hebrew) will take place at 7:00 pm at 10 Ibn Gabirol Street in Jerusalem. All are welcome. This year’s topics:

    Mon., Nov. 4: Introduction to Religion-and-State Issues in Israel

    Mon., Nov. 11: Who is a Jew: DNA Testing, Conversion, and more

    Mon., Nov. 18: Social Effects of the Rabbinate’s Monopoly over Marriage

    Mon., Nov. 25: Burial in Israel: Old Problem, New Solutions

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